From bookings, contracts, logistics and on- the day services, we provide your event with a genuine and lasting impression for your artists.







We cover all the logistics of your event, from budgeting, scheduling, venue selection, licenses and anything you require, we work efficiently and effectively to make any event run smoothly.






Whether you need inspiration to kick start your creation or seek development for your ideas, we learn and understand your goals and create your vision with you, while maintaining the your most important messages. 






Starting with your concept, we develop your vision to create the ultimate design for your event. From full stage production to bespoke decor, visuals and art, we bring your theme and design to life.




Artist Liaison      Stage Management       Social Media & Marketing


Event Entry    Merch sellers    Decor & Design     Event Managers

Car Park Staff    Interactive Performers     Photographers & Videographers    Graphic Designers 

plus more 

 Tour Management

We are experience creators...

Bodhi offers bespoke event management services to spark your vision and create a memorable and unique event, whatever the occasion. We are visionariescreatives and dreamers that can efficiently and effectively take your concept and transform it into an extraordinary, enduring event. Through event planning, management, design and execution we hold your ethos at the heart of our preparation to echo your ideas and bring them to life. We offer freelance services all the way through to full event production.



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