Manchester’s talent Jade Parker is an electronica producer and vocalist focusing on down-tempo rhythms and soulful layered vocals. Jade was best known for her vocal features for Himalia [Pegdoll Records] and Nymad [Finest Ego records]. Until February 2018 when she released her self produced debut EP on Pegdoll Records called “Lead Me Astray”. “Combining syncopated drum synthesis alongside soulful and present vocals, Jades unique contemporary style brands her as one of Manchester’s finest exports” – limbo radio


Lead Me Astray highlights Jade's unique vocal ability, but also her carefully crafted production skills. Developing her own style with inspiration from Jessy Lanza and Burial, Jade Parker has an uncanny ability to use space, measured tempo and flawless sonics.

In August 2018 Jade self released her second EP titled “Reverse Our Steps” this was available to buy on jade green cassette and digital download. “The instrumentation of this release is smooth and carefully chosen, creating a perfect backdrop for her voice, although it’s not just a backdrop, but an intricate tapestry of musicality and music production skills that find more room for detail on every track”. – City 2 Coast Audio

Jade parker is making waves with her music, putting on a live show to match her style and passion for the scene. Check her social media pages to keep up to date. - City 2 Coast Audio





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